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Selected USA Vehicle Product Recalls you may have missed Jan-April 2022

January 2021

Ford Brake Lights Won’t Turn Off

199,000 model year 2014-2015 Ford Fusion, 2014-2015 Lincoln MKZ and 2015 Ford Mustang vehicles are recalled if they were originally sold or ever registered, in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia or Hawaii.

Hazard: Brake lights won’t turn off
the brake lights can stay on if the brake pedal bumper corrodes and separates from the brake pedals

Remedy: To ensure the Ford brake lights don’t stay on, dealers will replace the brake pedal bumpers and clutch pedal bumpers.

Ford owners should be notified in March 2022, but customers with questions may call 866-436-7332 and use Ford’s number for this recall, 22S02.

January  2022

Nissan Rogue SUVs recall because of corroded connectors that could cause fires. because of corroded connectors that could cause fires

Nissan recalls 793,000 Rogue SUVs. The recalled Nissan Rogues were built July 22, 2014, to December 31, 2016, and July 25, 2013, to September 27, 2016.

Hazard:– corroded connectors that could cause fires
an electrical connector for the underdash harness may corrode due to water and salt intrusion from the driver’s side foot well.

Remedy: Nissan expects the repair to not be available until spring 2022 because engineers are still working on a fix.

Nissan Rogue owners may contact Nissan at 800-867-7669 and use recall number R21B9.

February  2022

Ram Windshield Wiper Recall

Affected models 2019-2020 Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 trucks, Ram 3500 Chassis Cab, 4500 Chassis Cab, 5500 Chassis Cab and Ram 3500 Chassis Cab trucks with gross vehicle weight ratings of less than 10,000 lbs. 188,000 Ram trucks affected.

Hazard:- windshield wiper arms may loosen and leave drivers unable to see properly.
A Ram driver may notice the wipers not properly clearing the windshield or may see the wipers resting out of position.

Remedy: Ram dealerships will tighten the windshield wiper nuts once recall notices are mailed March 18, 2022.

Ram truck owners may contact FCA at 800-853-1403 and use recall reference number Z08.

February 2022

Tesla Seat Belt Chimes recall

Tesla is recalling nearly 898,000 vehicles because the seat belt warning chimes may fail in certain circumstances.

The recalled vehicles include 2021-2022 Tesla Model S and Model X, 2017-2022 Tesla Model 3 and 2020-2022 Tesla Model Y vehicles.

Hazard: Audible chimes that may not activate when the vehicles start and the drivers have not buckled their seat belts.
Issue lies in the seat belt reminder chime, which in some cases does not activate after vehicle start.

Remedy: Tesla will perform over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Owner recall notices will be mailed April 1, 2022.

“Firmware release 2021.43.101.1, which includes this remedy, was introduced in Model 3 and Model Y production on January 27, 2022, and in Model S and Model X production on January 28, 2022. Separately, firmware release 2022.4.5, which also includes this remedy, will deploy over-the-air (“OTA”) to delivered vehicles in early February 2022. No further action is necessary from owners whose vehicles are equipped with firmware release 2021.43.101.1 or 2022.4.5 or a later release.”

Tesla’s recall reference number is SB-22-00-002.
NHTSA Recall No. : 22V-045

February 2022

Hyundai ABS Module Fire Recall

Recalled models are 2016-2018 Santa Fe, 2017-2018 Santa Fe Sport, 2019 Santa Fe XL and 2014-2015 Tucson vehicles with anti-lock brake system modules that could suffer from electrical short circuits. Hyundai recalls 425,000 vehicles after fires from overheated anti-lock brake system modules.

Hazard: Potential fires from overheated anti-lock brake system modules.
ABS module malfunction could cause an engine fire.

Remedy: Vehicles should be parked outside and away from anything flammable.

Hyundai ABS module recall notices are expected to be mailed April 5, 2022.
Dealers to replace the ABS fuses and possibly replace the ABS modules.

Owners may contact Hyundai at 855-371-9460 and ask about Hyundai ABS module recall 218.

February 2022

Ford F-250 and F-350 Driveshaft Recall

Affected models are The 2017-2022 Ford F-250 and F-350 super Duty trucks equipped with gasoline engines and aluminium driveshafts.
The Ford driveshaft recall includes more than 247,000 units

Hazard:- Damage or break to driveshafts.
The 2017-2022 Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks may have underbody heat and noise insulators that may loosen and contact the aluminium driveshafts, damaging and breaking the driveshafts.

Remedy: Ford driveshaft recall notices are expected to be mailed April 4, 2022, and dealers will inspect and repair any damaged driveshafts. Dealers will also properly attach the underbody insulators.

Ford F-250 and Ford F-350 truck owners who have questions should call 866-436-7332 and use driveshaft recall number 22S09.

March 2022

BMW PCV valve recall.

The recall covers many 3 Series, 5 Series, 1 Series, X5, X3, and Z4 vehicles from 2006 through 2013 affecting 917,000 cars.

BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain 2008-2013 1 Series Coupe (128i); 2007-2013 3 Series Coupe (328i, 328xi, 328i xDrive); 2007-2010 X3 SAV (X3 3.0si, X3 xDrive30i); 2008-2013 1 Series Convertible (128i); 2006-2011 3 Series Sedan (325i, 325xi, 328i, 328xi, 328i xDrive, 330i, 330xi); 2006-2012 3 Series Wagon (328i, 328i xDrive); 2007-2013 3 Series Convertible (328i); 2006-2010 5 Series Sedan (525i, 525xi, 528i, 528xi, 530i, 530xi); 2006-2007 5 Series Wagon (530xi); 2007-2010 X5 SAV (X5 3.0si, X5 xDrive30i); 2006-2008 Z4 Coupe (Z4 3.0si); and 2006-2011 Z4 Roadster (Z4 3.0i, Z4 3.0si, Z4 sDrive30i) vehicles.

Hazard:may develop a fire inside their engine compartment. This increases the risk of a crash and injury
The heater for the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve may short circuit and overheat, increasing the risk of fire.

The driver may be alerted to the electrical short if the malfunction indicator light (MIL) warning light comes on. Other warning signs include a burning smell and smoke coming from underneath the hood.

Remedy: BMW PCV valve recall notices are expected to be mailed April 25, 2022, but concerned customers may call BMW customer service at 800-525-7417.

NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V119000

March 2022

Ford F-150 Windshield Wiper Motor Recall Affects 157,000 Trucks

Affects 157,000 2021 F-150 trucks are equipped with windshield wiper motors that fail.

Hazard:- The wipers will fail when the motors fail.

Remedy: Ford F-150 windshield wiper motor recall notices will be mailed April 18, 2022, and dealerships will replace the wiper motors.

Owners of 2021 Ford F-150 trucks may call 866-436-7332 and refer to windshield wiper motor recall number 22S12.

March 2022

VW Recalls Atlas, Atlas Cross Sport and Atlas FL SUVs

Affected products include 246,000 2019-2020 VW Atlas, 2020-2023 VW Atlas Cross Sport and 2021-2023 VW Atlas FL SUVs

Hazard:-Front side airbags may fail to work properly
Affected products may have door wiring harness electrical contacts that may corrode.This can affect the electrical connections and delay the deployment of the driver or passenger front side airbags during side impacts.

Remedy: Volkswagen Atlas, Atlas Cross Sport and Atlas FL owners may call Volkswagen at 800-893-5298 and use recall number 97GF.

March 2022

GM Headlight Recall Issued Over Low-Beam Glare

More than 740,000 Affected models year 2010-2017 GMC Terrain SUVs

Hazard :-a reflection from the headlight housing may illuminate “excessively bright light” in areas above the Terrain and outside the view of the driver. The reflection from the headlight housing may cause glare or distract other drivers, increasing the risk of a crash.

Remedy: Headlight recall notices are expected to be mailed April 23, 2022.

GMC Terrain owners may contact GMC at 800-462-8782 and use headlight recall number N222363740.

March 2022

Mercedes-Benz recalls 9,100 vehicles with rear turn signals, hazard lights and backup lights that may not work.

The recalled 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450, EQS 580 and 2021 Mercedes-Benz S500 and S580 vehicles may have rear signal software errors.

Mercedes drivers won’t have any warning before the rear lights fail, but warning messages should illuminate once the lights fail.

Remedy:Mercedes owner recall notification letters are expected to be mailed May 13, 2022, and dealers will update the rear signal software.

Mercedes-Benz can be reached at 800-367-6372.

April 2022

Ford Recalls Trucks and SUVs For Trailer Brake Failures

Ford recalls more than 391,000 vehicles with trailer brake problems caused by software errors.

2021-2022 Ford F-150 2022 Ford Maverick 2022 Ford Expedition 2022 Ford F-250 2022 Ford F-350 2022 Ford F-450 2022 Ford F-550 2022 Lincoln Navigator Ford

Hazard:-software error within the trailer brake controller can result in failure to provide the trailer brake output signal when the towing vehicle’s brakes are applied.

Remedy: Ford dealerships will update the integrated trailer brake control module software once owner recall letters are mailed April 18, 2022.

Ford and Lincoln owners may call 866-436-7332 and ask about recall number 22S17.

April 2022

Toyota vehicle stability control system recall

500,000 affected vehicles because a software error can cause the vehicle stability control system not to default to ON the next time the vehicle is started.

About 460,000 of these recalled vehicles are in the U.S. and 41,000 are in Canada.

2021-2022 Toyota Venza
2021-2022 Toyota Mirai
2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
2021-2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime
2021-2022 Toyota Sienna Hybrid
2020-2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
2022 Lexus LS 500h
2022 Lexus LX 600
2022 Lexus NX 350h
2022 Lexus NX 450h+

Hazard:- violation of safety standards.

Incorrect programming can cause problems if a driver turns off the stability control and the ignition is turned off and back on while pressing the brake pedal. This will prevent the stability control from activating when the vehicle is restarted.

Remedy:- Dealers will update the skid control electronic control units.

Recall letters are expected to be mailed May 16, 2022.

Toyota’s number for this recall is 22TA03. Lexus’ number for this recall is 22LA01.

April 2022

Tesla Boombox Recall Involves Models 3, S, X and Y

600,000 Vehicles affected. This recall supersedes the February recall and includes model year 2020-2022 Tesla Model Y, Model X, Model S and 2017-2022 Model 3 vehicles.

Hazard: Tesla Boombox function allows a customer to play preset or custom sounds through the pedestrian alert external speaker when the vehicle is parked or in motion, including if Summon or Smart Summon is in use. Federal safety standards require pedestrian alert sounds for electric and hybrid vehicles and prohibit automakers from altering or modifying the sounds.

Remedy: OTA ( over-the-air) software update that will disable the Boombox function when the vehicle is using Summon or Smart Summon.

Owner recall letters will be mailed around June 6, 2022 for affected models -Tesla Model Y, Model X, Model S and Model 3.

Tesla recall number SB-22-00-003.


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