Find Out What’s Been Recalled In Your Home.

Find Out What’s Been Recalled In Your Home.

Top UK Food Recalls October 2023

Choking hazard, contamination with Listeria,temperature control breaches and pieces of hard blue plastic.

UK Top 5 Food Recalls Sept 2023

UK Food Products recalled affected by containing pieces of glass, salmonella or Listeria.

Top 5 UK Food Recalls August 2023

Hawkstone Cider | Tesco British Cooking Salt | Jelly cup products | Rude Health Low Sugar Granola – Almond and Hazelnut | Cathedral City Cheese & Ham Gratin

sci-mx nutrition ultra-muscle product recall

Levels of caffeine in the product.

ossa-organic product recall

Unsafe for consumers to eat

Jif peanut butter products

Due to potential Salmonella contamination

Aguulp for Gut

Milk not declared on label.


Possible presence of salmonella in these products.

Ferrero recalls Kinder Surprise

Selected batches of Kinder Surprise might be contaminated with Salmonella.

Sneyd’s Wonderdog Pet feed

One of the ingredients used was found to be contaminated with Salmonella